Each year I gather together several images from currant weddings and put them in video form.  I showcase this video (in an extended form) at the Georgia Bridal Show, where I have a booth.  Enjoy part 1.

Amberly and Jamie are getting married in June so we set out last weekend to shoot some Engagement pictures and a few family pictures. We headed down to Piedmont Park in Atlanta and had a wonderful time wandering the park taking pictures along the way. What a sweet couple they are! I can not wait for their wedding in June!

IMG_1552BW IMG_1650 IMG_1659 IMG_1668 IMG_1677 IMG_1691 IMG_1695 IMG_1702BW IMG_1703 IMG_1710 IMG_1725BW IMG_1752 IMG_1729B IMG_1735 IMG_1775 IMG_1789 IMG_1799 IMG_1821 IMG_1830BW IMG_1834 IMG_1845 IMG_1865 IMG_1872 IMG_1925 IMG_1932